Steampunk vs Dieselpunk: Questions

In the last few years it seems that Steampunk as a movement has been gaining a lot of momentum. I am just now “getting on the bandwagon” as they say, so while I am enthralled by everything Steampunk, I’m still not that familiar with it all. There’s something magical about Steampunk. The clothes, the aesthetics, the paradoxical concepts, the gadgets, the stories; it makes me feel like a kid again.

First question: What makes Steampunk magical to you?

Now on to Dieselpunk! I didn’t know anything about Dieselpunk until last week. My wife is costume and fashion designer who loves the 40s and 50s fashion so when I “discovered” Dieselpunk I was blown over. I haven’t read any Dieselpunk themed stories yet, but that’s on the list.

Next question: Where can I find some cool Dieselpunk fiction?

Along with being a writer, I’m a big time movie guy. As a continue to blog, you will see that I am very much a sci-fi guy. I love the speculation, the curiosity that science fiction fosters as a prerequiste. But back to movies…I know that Zach Snyder’s Suckerpunch would be considered a Dieselpunk movie (whether or not it’s any good, I can’t say…haven’t seen it) but are there any others? I’ve seen Mutant Chronicles with Thomas Jane and that seemed very Dieselpunk but I saw that before I knew about Dieselpunk.

So, question three: Anybody of know of good Steampunk or Dieselpunk movies?

Thank you all so much for reading and (hopefully) responding. I welcome all feedback and discussion. I’m so deeply fascinated by these “new” things I’ve discovered so please help me in enjoying them more. Any info about either Steam or Diesel, please let me know!

God bless all!


2 Responses to “Steampunk vs Dieselpunk: Questions”

  1. It’s always exciting to discover something as fun as steampunk for the first time! its such a diverse genre that its hard to tell someone where to start. I still think the best place to look for steampunk film are the animated films of Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, Princess Monoke). Some of the best dieselpunk is in comics like Warren Ellis’ Ignition City. If you’re interested check out a recent blog post I did on defining Steampunk

  2. Thank you so much! I totally appreciate the info. I dig your blog also, thanks for the link.

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