Walking Dead…OMG!

That’s pretty much all I can say about this show: OMG! That being said, I have more to say about this show 🙂

So last night’s episode was AMAZING!! Don’t worry, I won’t give any spoilers. Directed by the special effects wizard Greg Nicotero, it was in my top three episodes of that show. My absolute favorite episode is Season 1 Episode 1 (pure terror), and two and three are a tie between this week and last week.

I love zombie movies. I love shitty zombie movies. But this show unsettles me in such a beautiful way. The thing that impresses me most about Walking Dead is that they always find a way to escalate the horror. Whether the horror is psychological, revulsion to the gore, or the shattered mirror into the soul, this show delivers. I read a quote recently that says, basically: art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. Walking Dead hits both of those.

Last night’s episode is replete with paradoxes. Rick and the gang taking refuge and finding solace in a prison? Brilliant. Asking the question: who deserves to live and who should be killed for the greater good of the group? Age old questions presented in a fresh and in-your-face way.

The episode begins with some characteristic gruesome violence. About halfway through the episode I began asking myself the question I ask myself at the middle of each episode: How are they going to climax this? Without giving anything away, I was not disappointed. The end of the episode left me with chills. I’ve never had more fun being terrified.


4 Responses to “Walking Dead…OMG!”

  1. Do you think that the walking dead really is horror? I mean, it’s not like it makes you scared. Or even makes you jump , because there suddenly is something on your screen. I’m in season two now, halfway, and well… it’s good, but not horror x

  2. I do think it’s horror. Not so much in the sense that it’s “scary” but that it horrifies. I would say however, that Walking Dead is actually more science fiction than straight horror because it deals with sociological and psychological themes as well.

    Stephen King says there are three levels of horror: revulsion, horror, and terror. Revulsion is the gross-out: gore and violence. Horror is the unreal: zombies, vampires, monsters, serial killers. Terror is real: when you come home and are still afraid for your life. For me, Walking Dead is terrifying.

  3. every person their own opinion I guess 🙂 to me, it’s merely just.. funny :p sure hope that doesn’t sound wrong but it’s kinda the same with movies such as saw and hostel too. It’s soooo over the top, that it’s just funny instead of scary or terrifying.

  4. That doesn’t sound wrong at all. I love hearing different opinions about it.

    I never saw Saw (lol) or Hostel. I’m not really into the sadistic style of horror. I like when my horror makes me think 🙂

    Are you into horror movies at all? What’s your favorite?

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