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Has absence made your heart grow fonder?

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After a long hiatus, I have triumphantly returned. “Where have you been?” you may be wondering. I’ve been here, I just haven’t been HERE.

December was insane! (to say the least)

Two jobs in three weeks, then Christmas and house guests for two weeks has made for very little time to blog. But I have returned and have lots of fun stuff to share.

I’ve recently seen several movies that I feel the need to review, so that will be soon.

Also, I have more installments for both the serials, so keep your eyes peeled.

Much love and thanks for the patience.


Chapter Three is up!!

Posted in Misc with tags , , , , , on November 21, 2012 by Single Malt Serials

Hey all,

Sorry it’s been a few days since I’ve posted, my wife and I moved. And what an ordeal let me tell you! Two people moving an entire apartment in one day? Yeah, we did that on Thursday. But we got it done and today was the first day I was available to do some computer work. Hopefully you enjoy the latest chapter in The Last Normal. Leave me some comments, I relish all feedback. (Seriously, I do!) So say what’s on your mind, your impressions, your thoughts, your concerns.

Turkey Day is coming soon and I hope you’re all thankful for something, I know I am. Remember to take a moment and be thankful, it’s good for the soul.


Walking Dead…OMG!

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That’s pretty much all I can say about this show: OMG! That being said, I have more to say about this show ūüôā

So last night’s episode was AMAZING!! Don’t worry, I won’t give any spoilers. Directed by the special effects wizard Greg Nicotero, it was in my top three episodes of that show. My absolute favorite episode is Season 1 Episode 1 (pure terror), and two and three are a tie between this week and last week.

I love zombie movies. I love shitty zombie movies. But this show unsettles me in such a beautiful way. The thing that impresses me most about Walking Dead is that they always find a way to escalate the horror. Whether the horror is psychological, revulsion to the gore, or the shattered mirror into the soul, this show delivers. I read a quote recently that says, basically: art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. Walking Dead hits both of those.

Last night’s episode¬†is replete with paradoxes. Rick and the gang taking refuge and finding solace in a prison? Brilliant. Asking the question: who deserves to live and who should be killed for the greater good of the group? Age old questions presented in a fresh and in-your-face way.

The episode begins with some characteristic gruesome violence. About halfway through the episode I began asking myself the question I ask myself at the middle of each episode: How are they going to climax this? Without giving anything away, I was not disappointed. The end of the episode left me with chills. I’ve never had more fun being terrified.

Updates….coming soon!

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Working on Chapter Two of The Last Normal. I have most of the it written but as any writer knows, now the hard part begins: editting. I should have it done by the beginning of next week so watch for it, it’s called: Cryptic Incision.

Also, I just published a post about Steampunk and Dieselpunk so check that out. I’m really hoping for some feedback on that one.

Have a safe and exciting weekend!

Feminism and Dieting

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Steampunk vs Dieselpunk: Questions

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In the last few years it seems that Steampunk as a movement has been gaining a lot of momentum. I am just now “getting on the bandwagon” as they say, so while I am enthralled by everything Steampunk, I’m still not that familiar with it all. There’s something magical¬†about Steampunk. The clothes, the aesthetics, the paradoxical concepts, the gadgets, the stories; it makes me feel like a kid again.

First question: What makes Steampunk magical to you?

Now on to Dieselpunk! I didn’t know anything about Dieselpunk until last week. My wife is costume and fashion designer who loves the 40s and 50s fashion so when I “discovered” Dieselpunk I was blown over. I haven’t read any Dieselpunk themed stories yet, but that’s on the list.

Next question: Where can I find some cool Dieselpunk fiction?

Along with being a writer, I’m a big time movie guy. As a continue to blog, you will see that I am very much a sci-fi guy. I love the speculation, the curiosity that science fiction fosters as a prerequiste. But back to movies…I know that Zach Snyder’s Suckerpunch would be considered a Dieselpunk movie (whether or not it’s any good, I can’t say…haven’t seen it) but are there any others? I’ve seen Mutant Chronicles with Thomas Jane and that seemed very Dieselpunk but I saw that before I knew about Dieselpunk.

So, question three: Anybody of know of good Steampunk or Dieselpunk movies?

Thank you all so¬†much for reading and (hopefully) responding. I welcome all feedback and¬†discussion.¬†I’m so deeply fascinated by these¬†“new”¬†things I’ve discovered so please help me in enjoying them more. Any info about either Steam or Diesel, please let me know!

God bless all!

A Tree Dies In Brooklyn

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E 17th Midwood BKL 11-06-12

My wife and I went for a walk in our neighborhood and we came across this. This behemoth left a Volkswagon-sized hole in the sidewalk. That Sandy sure was a bitch!


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